Our Less Plastic Mission

You guys know that we’re eco-warriors battling with excessive plastic wastes and pollution. We love the beach and the ocean that we don’t want them covered in trash. You also know that we love animals, and we don’t want fishes, whales, dolphins, turtles, and all sea creatures to wash up in our shores dead because of plastic ingestion.

We’ve started our Less-Plastic Mission last year and we’ve since been promoting and practicing the reusing, recycling, and up-cycling of plastic products readily available at our home and neighbourhood.

We’ve started selling products that address, if not solve, the lesser usage of single-use plastics through launching our Lifestyle Section. However, questions have been raised as to why we still use plastic for some of our containers and wrappers. 


Here’s how and why:

We wrap our soaps in cling wraps because they easily moist. If they moist, they soften, and if they soften, they can easily go to waste. If so, you don’t get your money’s worth as much. Hence the cling wrap, because it seals the soaps in and it’s air-tight.

Whatever sealed pouch we use to wrap your orders, they are 100% reused. Our bottles and containers are plastic-wrapped when we order them from our suppliers so we reuse the wrappings to pack your orders. We wrap them up for hygienic and sanitary purposes.

We try to reuse everything to produce less waste that we even use our old stickers with incorrect logos, typos, and outdated product sizes/weight. So if you’ve ever received a product with a different size/weight indicated than what is stated here in our website, please know that they’re old stickers. We don’t steal ML’s or grams from your items. You can weigh them yourself.

Help save our planet! It’s the only one we’ve got!



rrawsg, eco-warriors.